Muscle Owl Podcast began in February 2015, and aired for 50 episodes in full audio format. Each episode can be listened to below, or on our pages at Podbean and iTunes!

We still continue the podcast, but it is now featured in video format, as Muscle Owl Talks!

All audio from Muscle Owl Talks is still uploaded to iTunes.

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Episode 46: Sulaiman, Vivek & Peter - Monthly catch-up, talking spinal surgery, Naidex, accessible equipment, and Lord Walton!
Episode 45: New Jersey comedian Steve Way joins Peter and Michaela on the show. Steve has congenital muscular dystrophy, and we discuss healthcare in UK and US!
Episode 43: We're joined for the very first time by our friend Jordan Wright. 19 year old Jordan talks with us about Duchenne and the teenage years!
Episode 44 We continue our chat with Jordan Wright as we talk about how he's handling his studies at University with having Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Episode 41: Sulaiman has found another Mighty article for us to discuss. This time around, it's 20 things NOT to say to someone in a wheelchair!
Episode 42: The potential Duchenne treatment, Translarna, has been recommended for NHS funding by NICE. How wonderful! We discuss the implications.
Episode 40: Peter, Michaela and Sulaiman chat politics, as they review Sulaiman's latest meeting with the Minister for Disabled People.
Episode 39: It's the wonderful first guest appearance from our friend Vivek Gohil! Vivek is 25 and has Duchenne. We talk Breaking Bad, House and Iron Man!
Episode 38: Peter and Michaela dip in for a political special. In fifteen minutes flat, they take down the ESA cuts, and review what's to come.

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Episode 37: Scottish Fundraiser J'aime is jumping out of a plane for Muscular Dystrophy UK! Joined by her friends as part of Ryan's Rebels, we chat to her about her crazy events!
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