Peter hosts the weekly Muscle Owl shows, edits the video media, and writes most of our content. He worked for Muscular Dystrophy UK for many years, and his brother, Andrew, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.



Michaela is co-host on the weekly talk shows, and is a key contributor to the Muscle Owl. She has SMA muscular dystrophy, and has a first class honours degree in journalism.


Sulaiman is regular guest on the talk show, and is a key contributor to Muscle Owl. He has congenital muscular dystrophy, and has a degree in Advertising & Brand Communication.

Muscle Owl was founded in early 2014. Originally designed as a Twitter feed to amplify the voices of fundraisers in the muscular dystrophy community, it has grown into a media and campaigns organisation for all types of disability in society. We host a weekly video chat show, and post regular updates for the community. With our platforms on Facebook and iTunes, we have reached 70 countries worldwide, to a viewship of over 100,000.