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Muscle Owl Talks Ep50: The AHCA & Pre-existing Condtiions!?

The AHCA is ready to replace the ACA (Obamacare). What does that mean at this moment in time?

This week Michaela and Peter are joined by Iowa native, Hannah Soyer, who shares her views on the current issues surrounding the US healthcare bill. What does a pre-existing condition mean? Will disabled people be forced to pay huge sums for their health insurance? What is the future for US healthcare? We will be discussing and investigating through the coming months.

As always, you can find our chats on iTunes (http://apple.co/2rniygJ), and on YouTube!

#muscleowltalks #hannahsoyer #michaelahollywood #peterduffy #aca #obamacare #healthcare #healthinsurance #theUS #politics #election2017

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